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Use your wired PS5 / wireless PS3 controllers with your PS4
USB-A Port: Easy Plug & Convert, AUTO-register on your controller. Turn your PS3 controller into a⋯
Support consoles PS Classic, PS1, PS2, PC
Support Switch Pro/Xbox One/PS3/PS4 to PS Classic/PS2 Super Converter lets you use your Switch Pro⋯
$35.00 $40.00
Compatible With PS5 Fighting Games
【Wingman FGC】: Wingman FGC is a high-precision, no-lag, and easy-to-use arcade joystick converter,⋯
Enjoy the classic PlayStation world
[Controller Compatibility]Support Wirelessly: Xbox Series X/S/Elite 2/One(BT model), PS5/PS4/PS3, ⋯
$40.00 $45.00
supports PlayStation and Nintendo Switch
【Wingman XE 2】A perfect combination for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, to cross gaming platforms⋯
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