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Brook Pocket Auto Catch Auto Lightning

The Brook Pocket Auto Catch is a small device that lets you enjoy playing while you're on the move and without looking at your smartphone.

  • Auto Catch, Auto Spin Pokestop and Auto Items Collected. Vibration feedback. No buttons press required. ON / OFF switch can be set. Connect with wireless Bluetooth and enjoy the game.
  • Reliable Bluetooth Connection. Not that we recommend keeping your phone 20 meters away at all time... but it speaks volume for the quality and durability of the Lightning Bluetooth connection.
  • Vibration notifications. Fulfilling players requirement on having clear & discreet notifications.
  • Easy to pair and use, Lightning LED lights and button will ensure a simple and enjoyable experience.
Brook Pocket Auto Catch Auto Lightning Spin Catching Collecting Items Wristband Bracelet Accessory Simple and Easy to Use

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The Pocket Auto Catch Lightning is a special version of the Pocket Auto Catch. The simple LED lights and physical buttons are easy to use and pairing. Catching Pokemon and collecting items just get easy!


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