Brook Pocket Auto Catch Plus

As the upgraded version of Pocket Auto Catch, it has enhanced functions, and is able to offer users better product experiences.

  • Auto Catch and Collect with high efficiency
  • Newly-added Battery capacity display
  • Newly-added Reminder for Disconnection
  • Once disconnecting with “Pokémon GO”, the device will vibrate immediately to remind.
  • With the exclusive APP “Pocket Center”, the device will automatically provide “Receive Offline Push Notifications”.

Check out our latest model of "Auto Catch" Series
Item No.: AMUS077_PMAC_Plus

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One-Click to visit our exclusive APP "Pocket Center", designed by Brook.
Android Device
IOS Device


  • Auto Catch and Collect it with high efficiency. 
  • Display Battery capacity on your Pocket Auto Catch Plus's screen ~NEW
  • This Lastest model of Pocket Auto Catch series will vibrate when it has disconnected with "Pokémon GO" ~NEW
  • Download our exclusive APP "Pocket Center", it will Push a Notification for your phone (Android Device only).





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