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Marine (with battery)

No power-off when duel with overlord.

  • Support multi Platform: Brook Marine Controller Adapter enables your PS4 controllers to be used on PS4, PS3, Switch, Android, PC and Mac/iOS.
  • Wireless Control support and 4 removable extra customizable buttons: You can customize and remap the controller on your own.
  • Support 8 hours of use: Charge 4 hours and you can say goodbye to "out of power" when faced with big challenges. Replaceable 18650 Battery included.
  • Support Turbo and Remap function. Simply turning the knob above of the product, you can immediately switch to the required mode.
  • Support Motion Control for PS4/ Switch, Audio Function for PS4.

Enables your PS4 controllers to be used on PS4, PS3, Switch, Android, PC and Mac/iOS.

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Your Ultimate Adapter for PS4!

With “MARINE”, you can use PS4 controller to play your favorite games wireless on PS4, PS3, Switch, Android, PC and Mac. 4 removable extra buttons give you the flexibility to customize the controller.

Support over 8 hours of use! You can say goodbye to “out of power” when faced with big challenges, “MARINE” will release the full potential of your PS4 controller to rock your gaming experience!




  • Support PS4, PS3, Switch, Android, PC and Mac
  • Wireless Control
  • Support Turbo and Remap
  • 4 Extra Customizable buttons
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery
  • Support Motion Control (for PS4/SW)
  • Audio Function (for PS4)



Product Details


Package include:

  • 1 x MARINE Adapter
  • 2 x Paddles
  • 2 x Short Paddles
  • 1 x Lock Tool
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x replaceable 18650 Battery


How to install MARINE



  1. The Remap Setting in each Mode will be memorized. For example: you make a Remap Setting in PS4 mode, then switch to NS Mode. The next time you switch back to PS4 mode, the Remap Setting in PS4 mode still remains.
  2. The default of Backup Mode has no function currently. It is reserved for possible future product upgrades.


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