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Auto Catch Meteor (glittering black)

Catch with your wish!

  • The Brook Pocket Auto Catch Meteor is a small device that lets you enjoy playing while you're on the move and without looking at your smartphone.
  • Auto Catch Pokemon, Auto Spin Pokestop and Auto Items Collected. Vibration feedback. No buttons press required. ON / OFF switch can be set. Connect with wireless Bluetooth and enjoy the game.
  • New institutional design and prevent from falling out of wrist strap, skin like and high flexible.
  • Charge 1 hour and Support over 18 hours of use, Waterproof and Dustproof Grade: IP67.
  • Compatible with Mi Band 3 , Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 soft wrist strap, Special Edition Embellished with crystals.

Special Edition Embellished with crystals. Unique design.

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Item No.: AMUS051_PMSW_GB

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輕鬆捕捉寶可夢和收集物品 –只需點擊屏幕即可抓取物品。

採用水晶的新款 Pocket Auto Catch 系列產品讓你更為耀眼特別。





  • 防水防塵
  • 新型機構設計、不易從腕帶脫落
  • 可連續使用超過18小時
  • 相容於小米手環3代、4代與5代之軟質腕帶
  • 可設定自動抓寶模式開關
  • 可反覆充電使用
  • 自動領取補給站
  • 自動收集道具
  • 自動捕捉寶可夢
  • 自動捕捉未知品種的寶可夢







  1. Pocket Auto Catch Meteor will time out automatically every hour, so players have to reconnect it.
  2. Pocket Auto Catch Meteor will time out every 3-5minutes if the mobile is idle.
  3. Better keep it among -20oC ~ 45oC.
  4. Suggested charging temperature: 10oC ~ 35oC.


Crystal Care Instructions

  1. Please keep the product away from water or liquid.
  2. Take the product off when going to a bath, hot spring bath, swimming pool or doing vigorous exercise.
  3. Avoid knocking against rough object and use of excessive force when wearing it, to prevent distortion or loosening of accessories.
  4. Polish Pocket Auto Catch Meteor / Pocket Crystal Strap with a soft cloth to main tain its original, lustrous finish before putting it after used.


  • Please handle your Pocket Auto Catch Meteor / Pocket Crystal Strap with care; it is non-returnable for any damages or partial damages caused by pulling, Knocking, or corrosion.

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