Pocket Auto Catch Carry〔USA〕

  • 【Why Carry?】: A new generation of Brook Pocket Series. Hang it on your bag and AUTO CATCH them anywhere. It has a Lanyard hole made specifically for fans who are always on the go.
  • 【Enhance Bonding with Friends】: Most of the Auto Catch devices only support one device or you have to buy an extra device to connect them. The new feature of Two devices means you could catch your Pocket Monster with your friends, even with a random stranger, and collect pokedex together joyfully.
  • 【Vivid Animated Icons】: With features like a 1.11" colorful, Horizontal/ Vertical rotation display, and Type-C charging port takes only 90 minutes to charge it completely!
  • 【Superior Sustainability】: Auto Catch Carry has a battery life that can hold two devices at once and has a long-lasting battery that can keep you playing all day long. Equipped with an eco-friendly energy storage device called "Supercapacitor" which operates for up to 14 days under normal circumstances!
  • 【Package Includes】: Pocket Auto Catch Carry*1, USB C to USB C cable*1, Retractable Reel Ring *1, Manual*1, Sticker.
Carry your Pokémon life
Item No.: AMUS098_Carry_Y

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Include Auto Catch Carry x1, USB C to USB C cable x1, Retractable reel x1, Manual x1, Pattern sticker x5, Thank-you card x1, Kanban girl sticker x1
Display size 1.11"
Battery Capacity 580mAh
Bluetooth Ver 4.0 or above *The connection distance can reach up to 10 meters. Factors such as the shelter of the site affect the actual connection distance.
Electricity Approximately 14 days *The battery life test conditions: After fully charged, Auto catch and auto collect activated for 3~4 hr per day;Vibration activated ; Power Saving Mode disactivated, and two devices are connected at the same time.
Caught Speed High efficiency
Charging Time 90 min
Size/Weight 62*22*30 mm / 45g




Does this product feature the same 2P connection function as Watchic Plus?


Yes! Like Watchic Plus, it connects two different devices concurrently, but does not support two accounts in one device!


What is the difference between this model and other Plus-series products?


This product adopts a different design, so it doesn't have the following unique features of the Plus series:

-Disconnection push notification

-Connection to the 'Pocket Center' app. However, it has its own exclusive app.


Is this waterproof or splash proof?


Auto Catch CARRY is not waterproof. Please buy other Pocket series products if you require waterproof function.


Does it consume more power when connected two devices?


Yes. It surely consumes more power when connects to two devices.


Why is the second device more likely to disconnect when battery is low?


P1 is prioritized to retain the auto catching and prop collection functions effective in low battery. It is suggested to recharge the product to keep P2 in a stable catching experience.



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