Pocket Auto Catch Light〔USA〕

  • 【Keep Missing?】: Do you know how much time and energy it takes to catch Pocket Monster? You might get lucky and see a wild monster, but the odds are stacked against you. With our auto catcher 'Brook Pocket Series', that doesn't matter anymore.
  • 【Light】: Discover the best Auto Catching Device for your game! Auto Catch Light is the slight, most effective, and fastest auto catcher.
  • 【Advantage of the Mini Auto-Catch】: Pocket-sized, lightweight, and easy to carry. With a tiny size of 32x32 mm, it can be easily hung on your keychain or bag, and enjoy playing the game anytime. Its weight is only 10g, so you can put it anywhere you want. Simply hang up your Pocket Auto Catch Light up and start catching Pocket Monsters. It's the smallest and fastest device on the market today - make sure that you don't miss out!
  • 【First-time Setup】: It's compatible with both 1, 2 Player modes and connects your phone via Bluetooth. It supports Two Kinds of 2-player modes, A): Connected Dual accounts by splitting half the gaming screen in a single phone (Android Only), B): Connected Dual accounts with two phones. The signal display for the game status on the Light with different combinations of RGB lights: includes Pokeball, Bag, Pokemonster, Pokestop, etc. For other information, please refer to our user manual.
  • 【Package Includes】: Brook Auto Catch Light*1, USB C to USB C cable*1, Leather Case for Auto Catch Light (Black)*1, User Manual*1.
The smallest and lightest Dual-account auto Pokémon catcher
Item No.: AMUS0100_Light

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Does this product feature the same 2P connection function as Watchic Plus? 


That's different! The key difference is it can connect two game accounts in a single device, in addition to two accounts in different devices!


What is the difference between this model and other Plus-series products?


Auto Catch LIGHT has no vibration and screen display, and it features RGB lights display. It cannot be adjusted through the product itself but through the app instead. It features Type-C charging, and connecting to two game accounts in a single device in 2P connection.


Is this waterproof or splash proof?


Auto Catch CARRY is not waterproof. Please buy other Pocket series products if you require waterproof function.


Does it consume more power when connected two devices?


Yes. It surely consumes more power when connects to two devices.


May I use power bank to charge?


It can only be charged by the power banks featuring low current mode.


May I charge other devices with the included Type-C cable?


No, the included Type-C cable can only be used with Auto Catch Light.



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