Zero delay, high performance precision controller.

  • COMPITABLE with NEW XBOX SERIES X/S CONSOLES! Compatibile with PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Switch.
  • Support different kinds of racing wheel controllers.
  • Friendly HUD makes it easy to understand the profiles you are using.
  • Application Brook offers the Ras1ution app. You can download it from the App store / Google play.
  • Not only powerful to support several consoles and racing device but also great for user customize.

  • **20230314 firmware update (v2.3.0)**
    ※Racing wheel compatibility update

Racing Wheel Converter
Item No.: AMUS010_BGRS

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Burn tires, not soul! The great evolution of Brook Super Converter, Ras1ution is for your Racing Wheel’s Solution!

You can play all kinds of racing games on different consoles with your favorite device by Ras1ution!


Support Multi-Platform PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Switch

Support different kinds of racing wheel controllers

          20220714 firmware update (V2.1.0)

  • Simagic Alpha mini + GT1/GT4 wheel
  • GTR RS30 Ultra Wheel + V3 Pro Pedals (no hand brake)
  • Hori Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini
  • Logitech: G25, G27, G29, G920, Driving Force GT, Driving Force Pro, G923
  • Microsoft: Wireless Racing Wheel (Xbox360 Wireless Receiver required)
  • Fanatec: CSL Elite PS4
  • THRUSTMASTER: T150, T150 PRO, T300 Ferrari GTE, T300RS GT Edition, T300 Ferrari Integral Alcantara Edition, T150 Ferrari Wheel Force Feedback, T500 RS, T60 Racing Wheel, T80, Ferrari 458 Italia, TMX Force Feedback, TMX Pro Force Feedback, TX, TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italian Edition, TS-WX, Ferrari 458 Spider


  • Use a mobile App to update firmware and set rotation angles easily
  • Enjoy the lag-free game experience
  • Comes with detachable braided high-quality cable, making it not only look great but also more durable. Easy to organize the cable


  1. Evolution of Converter
  2. Brook HUD
  3. Customize setting
  4. Ras1ution app update
  5. Sports car design
  6. Detachable braided cable
  7. Easy to take and control


Include all Brook Gaming technology, the great evolution of Brook Super Converter.

You can play all kinds of racing games on different consoles with your favorite device by Ras1ution!













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