Brook Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Dia Plus+ (White Shard)

  • 2022 Pokémon World Championships
  • Much steadier quality along with new functions! The efficiency of catching Pokemon improves greatly! The Brook Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Dia Plus is a small device that lets you enjoy playing while you're on the move and without looking at your smartphone.
  • Auto Catch Pokemon, Auto Spin Pokestop and Auto Items Collected. Vibration feedback. No buttons press required. ON / OFF switch can be set. Connect with wireless Bluetooth and enjoy the game.
  • New functions Reminder for Disconnection, enables you maintain the uninterrupted Pokemon catching status!
  • Prolonged battery life, up to 18 hours. Newly-added Battery capacity display. With crystal White Shard, Waterproof and Dustproof.
  • Equipped with exclusive APP "Brook Pocket Center" , used to adjust the wristband settings as well as "Update the Firmware" and "Receive Offline Push Notifications"

With crystal White Shard. New functions Reminder for Disconnection, newly-added battery capacity display. Equipped with exclusive APP "Brook Pocket Center"

Item No.: AMUS072_PMRD_PlusW

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Comprehensive Mega Evolution

“Reviver Dia Plus”

With self-developed by Brook technical team, we offer much steadier quality along with such new functions as “Reminder for Disconnection” and “Battery capacity display”. Meanwhile it also supports the exclusive APP “Pocket Center”, which enables you to enjoy a “nonstop Pocket Monster catching life!”

 Jet Black

Sleek and humble, with a sense of high quality.Suitable for lone players of Pokémon Go, catch them all one by one!


  • Reminder for Disconnection
  • Much Steadier Quality
  • Battery Capacity Display
  • Exclusive APP「 Pocket Center 」

Compatible with Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 soft wrist strap

Match it up with any fashion style you desire!
Create your own unique style.

Hard to fall off

The well-thought-out design allows the body and the wristband to connect tightly.

No more worries about it falling off, even during intense workouts.




Exclusive APP Support!!

The exclusive APP “ Pocket Center ” for Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Plus 、Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Dia Plus only.

Can be used to adjust the wristband settings as well as “Update the Firmware” and “Receive Offline Push Notifications”.

* “Receive Offline Push Notifications” Android System Only.



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