The Brook Sniper has a major overhaul, with new adjustable features that give you a more precise and slimmer control!

  • Fast,accurate and stable,designed by pro fps gamers.
  • No original controller needed for verification.
  • Exquisite UI design,super easy to use.
  • Firmware upgradable.
  • Super easy to use, real-time applying with blue-tooth devices, optimized config for popular games and online storage. 

Support Playstation, XBOX and Switch. Support play PS4 Games on PS5.

Item No.: AMUS009_BGSN

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What is included?

  • Brook Sniper (92 x 48 x 120 mm)
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


iOS / Android App can be downloaded from App Store / Google Store. (iTunes or Google Play search "BrookSniper" )



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