Super Converter -Wii/Wii-U/SW/PS4 to SW/PS4〔USA〕

  • 【Controller Compatibility】: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con/Pro; Wii/ U Pro, Remote, Taiko Drum, Classic, Fighting Stick, Nunchuk (Wireless only), PS4 and PS5 (Firmware 1.5: Wireless only, pairing method is the same as PS4 controller pairing)
  • 【Console Compatibility】: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC (X input)
  • 【In your way】: Customize the button layout and add a turbo button to original and 3rd party controllers.
  • 【Functions】: Supports USB hot swapping, firmware updateable, vibration, full button compatibility, and touchpad simulation (firmware V1.1).
  • 【Noted】: Each Brook Super Converter can pair one controller at a time.
Retro Controller Adapter for Switch/ PS4/ PC Game Consoles
Item No.: AMUS094_Wii U to SW

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Use your PS5 wireless / Wii/Wii-U Controller, Wiimote, Taiko Drum, NS Pro Controller, Joy-Con, PS4 Wireless Controller on NS/PS4 consoles!



Brook Wii/Wii U/Nintendo Switch/PS4 Game Controller to Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC (X-Input) Super Converter x1
Supported game consoles Switch, PS4, PC (X-Input)
Turbo Support
Remap Support
Hot Swapping Support
Size / Weight 8.2*4.5*14.9cm / 116.2g


This amazing product is compatible with your PS5 wireless / Wii/Wii-U Controller, Wiimote, aiko rum, NS Pro Controller, Joy-Con, and PS4 Wireless Controller. It also allows you to customize button layout and add a turbo button to original and 3rd party controllers.

Within the Brook TM Super Converter, you can use existing as mentioned above controllers to play on your NS/PS4 console and on PC!
※V1.5 update
support PS5 DualSence controller
(wireless use only, the pairing method is like pairing PS4 controller)




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