Vivid-Wireless Controller for Switch(includes cat paw joystick and Miya sticker)-Sunshine Yellow〔USA〕

  • 【VIVID】: Light up your Vivid life. It's compatible with Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED and PC/Mac/IOS/Android, with multi-function buttons, to wake up your gaming console.
  • 【Lovely Shape】: Make your NS switch even more adorable, comfortable, easier to grip, and warmly designed Brook wireless Controller colorful your gaming accessories.
  • 【Enhance your play】Rechargeable with USB Type C: Vivid provides 10 to 12 hours of non-stop gaming. Use Bluetooth to connect with your device. It supports six Axis Gyro Sensors, and adjustable vibration modes in 0/50%/70%/100% to provide the true sense to enhance your gaming experience.
  • 【Aiming Secret】: SHOOT mode can lower the sensitivity of joy-con via Vivid AR/AL, steady your aiming performance could get more credits.
  • 【Advanced Function】: Paddle Buttons include Macro mode for you to use AR/AL buttons recording 1 to 25 buttons combination; Also Turbo mode to Adjustable Combo frequency in three levels (5, 10, 15 times/sec).
  • 【Package includes】: Vivid wireless controller*1, Cat paw joystick cap (4 PCS), Miya Sticker(Random*1), Type C to USB cable*1, Controller Phone Mount*1
Light up your Vivid life
Item No.: AMUS084_VID_Y

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Switch HDMI Cable〔USA〕
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Brook-Vivid fusion loveliness, warmth, and friendliness design.

Bringing users great time together.

Compatible for Switch/Switch LITE、iOS、Android、PC


  • Support combo frequency adjustment in three levels.

  • Turning on Turbo mode to eliminate.

  • Player trouble in pressing buttons nonstop.

  • Not only enhance the game motion but also increase the product life of buttons.


  • AR AL button Recording.

  • Enable Macro Mode.

  • Assist players in recording 1 to 25 buttons to edit the game shortcuts.

  • Settle the difficult operating skills easily just with one button.


  • Considerate function of AR AL button.

  • Under Switch Shoot Mode.

  • Left AL button helps lower the sensitivity of left joy stick.

  • Right AR button helps lower the sensitivity of right joy stick.


  • Adopt the newly-designed motor to adjust intensity of vibration in four levels.

  • Support intensity of environmental vibration in 0% / 50% / 70% / 100%.

  • Offer the most truthful gaming situation effect.


  • The battery life astonishingly reaches more than 10 hours.

  • Controller adopting high-quality professional lithium battery.

  • Experiencing on outstanding battery life.


  • The energetic color matches a wonderful streamlined design.

  • Take handling comfort as the top priority while designing products.

  • Easy to control without sore hands while experiencing the games.


Brook Vivid Controller Sunshine Yellow x1

Compatible models:

  • Switch / Switch Lite
  • iOS (smartphone)
  • Android (smartphone)
  • PC

Smartphone holder x1

When using it, just fit it on the back of the controller.

Type C charging cable x1

Yes, it is. It is a charging cable.

Supports wireless connection play, and also wired connection play.

And yes! Docking!!!




·Brook Vivid- Wireless Controller x1 (Sunshine Yellow / Aqua Blue)

·Type C cable (White) x1

·Controller Phone Mount (White) x1

·Joystick x4

·Miya Sticker x1


·Wireless Connection | Bluetooth (10 meters)

·USB Charging | USB Type C

·Battery Life | 10~12hr for Continue Gaming

·Charging Time | About 3-4 hours

·Color | Aqua Blue & Sunshine Yellow

User Guide

Scanner the QR code behind the package,or click the link.



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