Wingman FGC〔USA〕

  • 【Wingman FGC】: Wingman FGC is a high-precision, no-lag, and easy-to-use arcade joystick converter, it's perfect for fighting games and action 2D/3D games. Designed by real professionals who love fighting games, Wingman has a solid body, easy control by USB, and durable buttons.
  • 【Consoles Compatibility】: It supports PS5 (Fighting Games Only)/ PS4 / PC(X-input) on a wired connection with your fighting stick. Noted: please check the diagram in our product photos.
  • 【Arcade Joystick Compatibility】: Supports more than 60 fight sticks in more than 20 brands, please visit our official website to check the complete list.
  • 【Advanced Function】: Turbo, Remap could be on and off; Save multiple settings for your own characters or games via our updated firmware. 
  • 【Package includes】: Wingman FGC converter*1
Compatible With PS5 Fighting Games
Item No.: AMUS095_FGC

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Brook Gaming Built for fighting game community, the wired stick converter is exclusively for fighting games only. It fully supports PS5 fighting games without platform limits. Start fighting in PS5 with your favorite stick!

Wingman FGC breaks PS5 platform limitation, by freeing gamers' selection of fighting stick in PS5. It supports more than 20 major fighting stick brands, and is continuously updated. Enjoy fighting with its plug-and-play and ultra low latency!




                                                                                                                          UFB Compatible with UP5                   PS4+ Compatible with UP5

Q1.Does Wingman FGC support other controller besides wired fight sticks?

A1.It supports wired fight sticks in fighting games only.

Q2.Does Wingman FGC support non-fighting games?


This product is built for fighting game only. If you have the demand for other games, please refer to other Wingman-series products:

Wingman XE 2:PS4/PS3/Nintendo Switch/PC(Direct-Input)

Wingman XB 2:all Xbox/PC(X-input)

Wingman PS2:PS2/PS/PS Classic

Q3.What's the difference between this product and UFB-UP5?

A3.UFB-UP5 is the upgrade kit for specific Brook fight sticks, it allows gamers to play fighting games on PS5. Wingman FGC enables playing PS5 fighting games with 3rd party wired fight sticks.

Q4.May I save multiple Turbo / Remap setting files?

A4.Yes, the settings can be saved in PC with the Brook Converter Ultimate Software. Players can read the favorite settings for different games.

Q5.Wingman FGC provides two firmware options: one for competition and one for leisure.


Tounament version:

Default version, comply with fighting competition regulation, no Turbo, no Remap, no Macro.

Standard version:

Supports TURBO, REMAP, MACRO functions, and can be configured with PC setup programs.



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