Wingman NS〔USA〕

  • Support PS5 DualSense/ Xbox Series X/S(wired) Xbox 360(wired) / Xbox One(wired) / Xbox Elite(wired) / Xbox Elite Series 2(wired) / PS4 DualShock/ PS3 DualShock controllers and arcade stick to be used on Switch and PC(X-input).
  • Support Xbox 360 Wireless receiver (1 receiver only) & fighting Stick & Xbox Adaptive Controller. Support SEGA Astro City mini controller / MEGA Drive mini controller(wired) . 
  • Lightweight, portable and USB-sized. Full compliance with environmental standards.
  • Support Turbo and Remap Settings. Faster reaction speed and immediate response. 
  • Support PS5 DualSense motion controls on Switch. 

Make PS and Xbox controller serve your Switch.
Item No.: AMUS061_WingmanNS

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Make PS and Xbox controller serve your Switch. Use PS / Xbox controllers and arcade sticks on your Switch.

Yes, of course you love Switch and there are so many great games on it, don't you?

But for those of you who are keen to explore the world of gaming, perhaps you'd prefer to use your usual Xbox or PS controller?

Wingman NS, the answer to your cravings. 

Support Xbox Series X/S(wired)/ Xbox 360(wired) / Xbox Elite(wired)/ Xbox One/ Xbox Elite Series 2/ PS5 DualSense/ PS4 DualShock/ PS3 DualShock/ SEGA Astro City mini and MEGA Drive mini(wired) controllers and arcade stick to be used on Switch and PC(X-input)


  • 20210120V1.2 update: New compatible controllers
  1. PS5 DualSense controller
  2. XBOX Series X/S controller (wired)
  3. SEGA Astro City mini controller (wired)
  4. MEGA Drive mini controller (wired)









Connecting to the Device


  • Insert Wingman NS into the Switch console USB port. Slow blinking of the Blue LED indicates that the connection to the console is successful.



  • Wired Connection:
  • Connect the Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Xbox One Elite2 / PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wired controller or game pad to Wingman NS through the USB port.
  • Using a X360 wireless controller:
  • Simply connect the wireless X360 wireless receiver to the Wingman NS through the USB port.
  • Using PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller:
  • After completing the connection according to the instructions of the Wired Connection, remove the USB cable, and then wake up the PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller.



  • Check whether the two Blue LEDs at the sides of the Wingman NS are permanently on. This indicates that the connection is completed.






Connect to Switch

In order to make more controller work smoothly on Switch, the following two commands will operate differently when connected to Switch.





If Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller is used, please turn off controller profile settings to prevent interference with Wingman NS’s Turbo or Remap settings.

As Xbox One Elite Series 1 controller is incapable of turning off profile settings, when using with Wingman NS, please make sure that the controller buttons are configured to the factory default settings to ensure correct operation of the Turbo/Remap settings.



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