Wingman SD

May the force be with Saturn and Dreamcast...forever.

  • Support PS5/ XBOX Series X/S(wired) / Xbox 360(wired) / Xbox One(wired) / Xbox Elite 1(wired) / Xbox Elite Series 2(wired) / PS3 /PS4/ SEGA Astro City mini controllers and arcade stick use on Dreamcast, Saturn, PC(X-input).
  • 240 blocks of Dreamcast memory capacity. You can backup all of your VMU though software on PC.
  • Support Vibration, Turbo Function and Remap Settings. Keyboard function supported on Dreamcast.
  • Support both wired and wireless controllers.
  • Lightweight and USB-sized. Wingman SD do not support headset/microphone function. 

Force be with Saturn and Dreamcast
Item No.: ZPEU050_WingmanSD

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Saturn and Dreamcast are the common memory of a generation, and now we provide more ways to tap the potential of these two consoles. Now you can use Xbox Series X/S/PS5/ Xbox One/ Xbox 360/PS4/ PS3 controllers on them, and the Switch Pro controller, Xbox Elite controller, Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, Xbox adaptive controller, even Retro-Bit Saturn USB controller are all supporable.


  • Support PS5/ XBOX Series X/S(wired)/ Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Xbox Elite 1/ Xbox Elite Series 2/ PS3 /PS4/ SEGA Astro City mini(wired) controllers and arcade stick use on Dreamcast, Saturn, PC(X-input).
  • Support to use keyboard on Dreamcast (the game must support keyboard)
  • Support to backup DC VMU and upgrade memory to 240 blocks on PC
  • 20210120 firmware update (V1.3f)


  1. Fix gaming abnormality when playing GOLDEN AXE THE DULL
  2. Add Arcade mode on Saturn. Hold down Select+Circle at the same time to switch to Arcade mode (red LED + flashing green LED). Refer to product introduction page for mapping information.
  3. Support to use keyboard on Dreamcast (the game must support keyboard)
  4. Support to backup DC VMU and upgrade memory to 240 blocks on PC.
  5. New controllers compatible updated: PS5 DualSense, XBOX Series X/S controller(wired use, additional 5V power may be needed on Saturn), SEGA Astro City mini controller (wired use)









Connecting to the Device


  • Connect Wingman SD to Saturn / Dreamcast / PC via port. Permanently light of the Console Green LED of Wingman SD indicates that the connection to the console is successful.


step. 2

  • Wired Connection:
  • Connect the Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / Switch wired controller or game pad to Wingman SD through the USB port. Some devices with high power consumption, such as the Switch Pro controller, require an external USB power source for normal use.
  • Using a X360 wireless controller:
  • Simply connect the wireless X360 wireless receiver to the Wingman SD through the USB port.
  • Using PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller:
  • After completing the connection according to the instructions of the Wired Connection, remove the USB cable, and then wake up the PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller.


step. 3

  • Check whether the Device Red LED of the Wingman SD is permanently on. This indicates that the connection is completed.



Corresponding Buttons




  • Each Wingman SD can only connect to a single Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / Switch device. Wingman SD supports most of the accessories that are compatible with original factory specifications. To expand the number of supported accessories, firmware will be updated irregularly.
  • Wingman SD do not support headset/microphone function which provides by controller audio jack.


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