Zero- Pi Fighting Board Easy Version

  • Zero Delay fighting board supports to be used wired on Switch, PS3, PS2, PS, PC(X-Input) and Retro Gaming Emulator
  • Full-Compatible with Brook fighting cable, screw Terminal Header Included for effortless installation.
  • Built-in SOCD cleaner
  • Support Player LEDs, Turbo Function and Upgradable Firmware
  • Support Auto-Detect & Manual to select Switch & PS3 consoles. Hold on button then plug into consoles. 1P : PS3 / 1K : Switch
Build an arcade stick for your SWITCH!
Item No.: AMUS067_FB_Pi

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Product Description

Zero-Pi Fighting Board EASY

Zero-Pi Fighting Board EASY

Zero-Pi Fighting Board EASY can supports various types of game consoles. Including Switch/PS3/PS2/PS/PC(X-Input)/Retro Gaming System, all of them are compatible with Zero-Pi Fighting Board .It also supports LED, and turbo function. In addition to, New EASY version with Screw Terminal block can make you install effortlessly.

Zero-Pi Fighting Board EASY



  • Switch, PS3, PS2, PS, PC and Retro Gaming System support
  • Turbo Function support
  • Player LEDs support
  • Auto-Detect & Manual to select Switch & PS3 consoles support
  • Full-Compatible with BROOK Fighting Cable
  • Different kinds connectors for USB(USB Type-B/5-pin header connector/4-pin header connector/4-pin)
  • Effortless installation
  • Built-in SOCD cleaner
  • Upgradable firmware


How To Connect

Zero-Pi EASY

Button Configuration


Manual switch mode

Hold on button then plug into consoles

1P : PS3 / 1K : Switch

   Wireless Fighting Board Universal Fighting Board 1 PS4 EASY BOARD UP5
Product Brook Wireless Fighting Board Brook Universal Fighting Board Brook XB Fighting Board Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Brook Zero- Pi Fighting Board Easy Version Brook Universal Fighting Board Upgrade Kit
Feature Wireless & Wired Support Multi Console Support All Xbox Series Support Audio Support on PS4 Easy Install PS5 Support
Console Support PS4 / PS3 / Switch / PC (X-Input) Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS4 / PS4 games on PS5 / PS3 / PC / Wii U / Switch / PS Mini / MD mini Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / Xbox Original / PC Switch / PS4 / PS3 / PC Switch / PS3 / PS2 / PS / Retro Gaming System Upgrade Kit for Universal Fighting Board
Support play PS4 Games on PS5    

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